We have a room booked at DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Orlando in DS. We booked it on points but we will have to pay for parking. We are still planning to drive to the parks each day. I feel like I read somewhere that if you are staying onsite that you don’t pay for parking at the park? Is that true or am I going crazy?

DoubleTree Suites at DS does not count as on-site. You will pay for parking at Disney Themeparks. You get the Extra Magic Hours benefit and 60-day fast pass booking, but no free parking (not at your hotel or parks). Sorry. (they do have shuttles to parks…I believe that is why you don’t get free parking). I’ve stayed here - the shuttle service is awful, good to have the rental car. Have a great trip!

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Thank you so much!! Did you like the hotel? Was it nice?