Parking Tips for Off-Site Guests

We are staying off site at Sheraton Vistana right outside the gate (deal too good to pass up at $600/week for 2-bedroom apartment with full kitchen, laundry, pools, etc.). Vistana guest reviews say drive is 5-10 minutes to all 4 WDW parks.

Are there any tips we need to know about parking in general? Is it just follow the signs? Any tips for parking after a mid-day break?

Also, on our rest day, we have an ADR for dinner at Poly. We plan to grab a Done Whip and watch the Water Pageant and Wishes after. Is parking free when you have an ADR at a resort? If so, where will we be directed to park?

It may be worthwhile for one of you to get an AP, as that gives you free parking at the parks, plus all the other AP benefits.

You will be allowed to park at the Poly with an ADR. Not sure where they will ask you to park though. The security guard at the entrance will likely direct you.

Thanks for the AP tip. However, the parking is going to cost about $102 ($17/day x 6). The upgrade to AP would be over $300. Since we are unlikely to be back in 12 months and are not planning to be big shoppers/eaters, the AP doesn’t seem economical to us.

Have stayed at the Sheraton V, you’ll have a great time!
The signs for entering the parking lots at all of the parks is very clear and you will be guided by CMs into the next free line of spaces once you get close.
If you are parking later in the day, you can try asking a CM if you can head to the front to check for free spaces rather than park with everyone else at the back (they may say no). We have been on level 7 crowd days at worst, but we were still close enough to walk rather than wait for the tram (maybe not true for level 10 days!).
My main car parking tip would be to cover child seats with a towel when you park to stop them getting unbearably hot during the day!

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