Parking/ timing in morning at Epcot

We are driving to Disney world after visiting relatives in Florida. My hope was to get to Epcot for 9:00 rope drop on the day of check in (Caribbean Beach Resort) A cast member advised that the most efficient way is to check in early at CBR and get parking pass and then drive over to Epcot. We are first time visitors, so I would appreciate any advice on what to plan for time wise. (We are a group of 2 families with 5 kids (2 strollers), so although we can move efficiently, we wouldn’t be sprinting from parking lot to entrance)

What time should we be standing at entrance to ensure best use of morning hours? Approx. How long to drive from CBR, park and walk to entrance? Is the check in process at resorts particularly time consuming?


I’ve stayed at Caribbean Beach Resort (CBR) twice and my driving times have ranged between 11-15 minutes from my car to the parking lot. Typically, if you arrive at Epcot before rope drop, you’ll get a parking spot in the lot closest to the entrance, so it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes for you to get everyone out of the car, into the strollers, through bag check, and in line at the tapstiles.

I’d suggest planning to be in line no later than 8:45 AM, though I’d shoot for 8:30 in case you’re delayed. If you are planning a mad dash to Soarin’ or Test Track, then you’d want to get there earlier to ensure you’re at the front of the line. If you can leave CBR in the 8-8:15 AM range, then you should be in good shape.

As for checking in, I’ve never done so at such an early hour, but I suspect there won’t be much of a line. If you do online check-in, then everything should be prepared for you, though your room may not yet be ready, so if you need to drop off luggage at bell services, then factor that into the time you expect to spend in the lobby.

Awesome! @FlyerFan1973 Thank you for taking the time to so thoroughly answer my question. I truly appreciate it.

You’re welcome. Hope everyone wakes up on time and your trip goes smoothly!