Parking timing for early entry at HS

We are headed to Disney soon and just decided to rent a car. We will be changing resorts on a HS day, so will take the rental car with us that morning. What advice do you all have regarding when we can park in the HS lot for early entry? We want to get there as soon as we can. Thank you!

There’s a spreadsheet with lot opening times on TP’s WDW Lines Chat.

Lots open about an hour to an hour and a half prior to ETPE.

Scroll down to: WDW Planning Tools, then WDW Chat.

You know, when my sister and I walked there from BCV I was so focused on getting to the gate and watching the Skyliner and vomiting my vast knowledge of everything at her that I failed to notice whether there were any cars in the lot by then. I need to be more observant.

Definitely check out the spreadsheet referenced above.

Thanks to you both. I will take a closer look at the spreadsheet. I had looked at that, but didn’t see the information on parking when I looked last night. I must have overlooked it. Have a great weekend!

We just did this on Wednesday and we were at the parking lot at 7:20 and they made us circle so we pulled off the 2nd time around and they let us line up at 7:25ish and opened at 7:30. We were 10 cars back maybe. Rd mmrr for an 8:25 start and off before 8:30 and head to tsmm and then mfsr at 9:01ish before off site made it super long.


Thanks for sharing your experience!