Parking (standard vs. preferred car)

Is there a big difference in the standard parking vs. preferred parking? It’s $15 per day, on a budget trip. Is there a park where you would say “yep, pay for preferred here!”? TIA

I wouldn’t pay it…

If you’re doing rope drop, you’ll be in the same row or even better anyway so no need. If you take a break and come back, then it would help in the afternoon. But you pay one price for all day, right, so I’m not sure that works out to be worth it.

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If this is a budget trip, this would be among the first things that should probably be cut. Even if you do have to take a tram, $15 a day will add up. If you come late, ask to see if there are spots open towards the entrance. 9 times out of 10 you can get something just as close.