Parking Questions

Greeting, Liners!
I keep finding conflicting information on parking. We are staying off-site May 30-June 5. For our Epcot days, I was hoping to park at Boardwalk and just walk to the IG entrance. This will facilitate a quicker “get away” with the little ones after the fireworks. Would a non-staying guest be allowed to park all day at Boardwalk during this time? Is there a fee? I have read about a new parking fee for off-site guests now at Boardwalk. Can anyone verify this or advise as to the amount?

By the rules, you cannot park for free at a resort unless you are either staying there or have an ADR, and if the latter, it is supposed to be only for 3 hours. BW does have valet parking available, which I believe is $25. If you park valet, you can stay all day.

By the time you walk from epcot to the Boardwalk - you might as well have gone out the main entrance of Epcot

Great. Thank you! I didn’t realize there was a limit to the resort parking! Good to know.