Parking Question during Christmas week

WWYD - Our departure day is Dec 27, flight is at 1:00pm. Planning to rent a car & stay at POFQ. It’s a short trip, and I want to maximize our last day. Expecting that MK will go to 7am EMH AM that week and thinking that we can hit MK EMH AM before we head to the airport at 10ish. We LOVE the 7am EMH AM, and 3 final hours of touring would be awesome!

It will be a 10 day, and the traffic at the TTC will be (I am assuming) horrendous. Last year, we left MK via TTC at 10am in our car on a 10 day and it took 15 - 25 stressful minutes to fight our way OUT of the parking lanes. So many people were streaming in, and would not let us cross the traffic lanes to leave!

Here’s the question – where should we park on that day?
TTC - and just deal with the bad traffic
Contemporary - make a breakfast ressie for 7:30am
Grand Flo - make a breakfast ressie for 7:05am
OR – something else that I haven’t considered?

I’ve only ever parked at the TTC or taken busses to the MK, so I’m not sure how the parking situation works at GF or Contemp. I know these parking issues can be controversial, and I’m not trying to skirt the rules and regulations of parking! Just trying to figure out how to maximize our last morning in the World during the busiest week of the year!

it already sounds stressful. I know an extra 3 hours of touring would be great, but, even with EMH, would the wait times be worth the hassle? Also, are there any ADR’s still available at this point? I haven’t done my homework before replying, but the options you’ve put out there may not even be available, except for parking at TTC. And based on your last experience, it may be too much of a squeeze and a rush.

I’d recommend that you take your time checking out, enjoy and take some fun pictures around the resort for some extra memories.

I have to say that for 3 hours, I probably would not go through the hasstle of going to a park (and definately not MK). If I was determined to go to the MK, I would probably leave the car in the resort parking lot and take the bus back and forth. You might think that driving will save you time, but if you drive you still have to park, walk to the TTC, wait for a mono or ferry, and take the ride to the MK. And go through the reverse while leaving. A bus will drop you off right next to the MK, so no TTC or secondary transport is needed.