Parking on arrival day

I just rescheduled our trip from April 2020. It was awesome to tell my 6 yo daughter on her birthday in March that her present was Disney World then tell her it was cancelled a few days after. It seems, 2 years later, it’s close enough to back to normal to go.

Anyway, We are going Monday, January 30th to Friday, February 3rd staying at the Contemporary. I’m going to book a cheaper off property hotel Sunday so we can hit the park in the morning on day of check in. There’s a place right at Animal Kingdom I was going to book since I have AK down for Monday. My question is in order to not pay to park, would I have to actually go to the contemporary to get a parking pass in order to park in the Animal Kingdom parking or is there another way I could show that I’m staying on site?

Hi, and welcome to the forum!

When you arrive at the AK parking lot, they can look your reservation up (for the Contemporary) to verify you get free parking. They can either scan your MagicBand (if you will have one) or your reservation. I’m not real clear on the details of what they need to do it by looking up your reservation (confirmation number, or in MDE?). Hotels do not give out a paper parking pass.

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Ok, great. Thanks for the answer.

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