Parking lots open for pre-RD ADRs?

I would like some concrete information as to whether parking lots are open early at AK and DHS for 8 am pre-RD ADRs (when regular opening is 9 am). I read some time back that AK in particular did not open the parking lot too early, does anyone have an update? I would love to be able to park at these parks at 7:30. (we could technically take the bus, but staying at CBR i have read a lot of suggestions that it is easier to drive to resorts except for MK). Trying to firm up which option to do next month for our early ADRs. TIA!

I’ve done the 8am TH and we usually rent a car and have had no issues to date with getting there early to park for our ADR.

Never had an issue either. Sometimes, one gate was open and un-CM’d. Just drove right through.