Parking Lot Trams might be coming back soon

I know this source has a spotty track record but not like it’s unexpected news or highly suspect info.


I had no idea they weren’t running. Ugh that made for some loooong end of night walks.

well… remember that capacity was lower so there were less cars in the lots too. I’ve been paying for preferred parking to avoid any possibility of long walks. As an AP, I only had to pay the difference between parking fees and preferred charges, since parking is free for APs. I’m not sure if it works the same way for resort guests up-charging to preferred.

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Yeah! This is one of those things one our “Will postpone if it isn’t returned”.

I know a few tram operators reported they were called back to work. They received notice a couple of weeks ago?

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Related, I saw a picture today on Instagram that showed new signs directing people to Minnie Van pick up areas. :crossed_fingers: