Parking lot trams as hotel transportation

I’m trying to help some family members plan a trip to DLR and I have a question about using the parking lot trams if one is staying at a hotel near the parking lots.

Has anyone tried this? It is convenient at all? We usually stay closer, but since the hotels are cheaper a little farther out I thought this might be an easy way, especially at the end of a long day to cut some walking down when they go back to the hotel.

I am looking at a hotel on the corner of Ball and Disneyland drive. In theory they could take the Mickey & Friends parking lot tram and then walk the rest of the way.

Does this sound reasonable?

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I haven’t done it myself but I have heard it is doable. However, I have heard that the lines for the trams are often longer than the walk itself, so it all depends on what is more important, getting back to the room sooner with more walking, or taking longer to get back but getting a seat for part of the way.

Thanks. I think saving the walking might be more important than the time, so having this as an option might help.

We do this all the time at the Toy Story Lot and we seldom have to wait for a second bus to pick us up. They are really fast and very easy to use. My one legged friend also drives into the parking lot with his scooter and uses the buses. No one has ever batted an eye for us doing this. We have been doing this for years saving money on the hotel that are a little farther away.

Hotels we have use this for are, Sheraton, Red Lion, Best Western Raffles Inn, Homewood Convention, Travelodge International (I do not recommend), but there are many others like Hilton, Marriott’s, Cortona Inn, Clarion and I am sure there are more.

We really like doing this. After a long day in the parks the short ride to Toy Story Lot is restful and we are ready for the short walk to our hotel.



We like this entrance.

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Even if the gate is closed I have never found it locked and I just open the gate. It feels better than walking through the Pay booths.


We used to do this all the time. We’d stay at the Super 8 behind the parking lot structure And just walk over there in the AM and hop on the tram! Easy peasy.

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Thanks everyone! This is very helpful.

I found the side gate that I recomended locked on my last trip first thing in the morning but the gate was open later in the day. Just FYI

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Thanks for the update!

If you cross the entrance from where your arrow is, there is a pedestrian entrance about 25 feet into the driveway. It shows a s thin white line breaking up the hedge. That’s the pedestrian entrance they want you to use, and they don’t bat an eye at walk-ins using the tram. I’ve seen them even encourage it, so no one should feel like they are cheating.

But I like that feeling of getting away with a little extra and cheating the system. It is a much better feeling than the GF steeling towels.

Then I recommend you look into shoplifting trading pins!!!

No, because I’m sure someone will say something, I don’t really recommend shoplifting.

I wonder if any of it has changed. I have hear reports that they have security walk throughs at the tram now.