Parking info - is this possible?

We are flying to Florida and will have a rental car prior to the Disney portion of our trip. I am currently renting from Alamo so I can drop off at the Dolphin. We may end up having dinner at Blue Zoo. So I was thinking instead of driving to the Dolphin, taking an Uber to Pop, later on taking the skyliner to Epcot area and walking to Dolphin it might be easier to just check in at Pop with the car then drop off at Dolphin later. Is that possible?
I’m not trying to beat the system, if I have to pay $13 for one day/night it’s probably cheaper than paying for an Uber +tip. I’m just not sure how to only set up parking for one day.

It won’t likely cost you $13 to go by Uber and that’s including tip. Most of my trips cost under $15 with tip

It will be difficult at best to set up parking for one night only; I have heard others doing this wound up being charged for the entire stay and having to backtrack to have it undeone - way more work than necessary

I would just drop off at Dolphin personally.


Thanks. I just figured I’d ask. I am still moving our ADRs around so I’m not exactly sure what we are doing that night yet. Heck, who knows if Disney will even be open then but it’s fun to plan.
I mistakenly made an ADR for Ohana on our DHS day, so I’m waiting for reservation finder to come in clutch!

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And once again Reservation Finder didn’t let me down - I grabbed Ohana at a perfect time for us so none of this applies! It’s DH’s favorite and he wasn’t able to go the last 2 trips so he will be very excited.


I just got 2 hard-to-get ADRs this morning. I wonder if Disney released more or if people are canceling trips.

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I’m no expert but things are so fluid right now I think it’s just grabbing what you can at the right time, that’s why RF is a great tool to have at our disposal.

Depending on when your trip is, you’ll want to check on the Hours of Operation at the Alamo counter. I noticed that when I was trying to reschedule my rental arrangements, that they had scaled the # days of operations way back. If the # of rentals are way down, those satellite locations are the first ones affected.
Alamo also operates out of the Disney World Car Care if you wind up needing an alternate location, but again, definitely check days/hours of operation. Even during regular operations, they closed at 5pm during the week, 2pm on Saturday, and I think closed on Sunday.

Thank you. For my original trip I had booked thru Hertz but this was cheaper. I will check for cheaper prices a few times before my trip but thank you for the info.

If you really want to keep the car for a day, you could split your stay but stay at the same hotel. If they wonder why you are doing that, you could tell them.

No, I was just looking to save a trip. I ended up getting my Ohana ADR so it’s all good now! Thanks.

You would need to check your prices, compare prices to return at Dolphin vs Disney Car Care Center. We used Disney Car Care a couple of times during our trip in December 2019.

They will pick up and drop off for free at any Disney Resort or park. The tough part with the pick up is getting them to answer the phone. Once you are at Disney Car Care Center, it is very easy for them to drop you off somewhere.

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Thanks. We are flying to Florida and visiting with family for a few days before Disney so we are picking up at airport and then just need to drop off somewhere close to Pop and check in.

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Trust you know about the super convenient and easy to get Florida Visitor Toll Pass, if you need to drive on roads that require toll.

Yes, thank you though!

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