Parking Hack?

Hey! Just moved to central Fla. Finally snagged a park reservation and headed to Epcot next week!

With the park not open till 11, I’m thinking of using the free parking at Disney Springs, then a bus to an Epcot resort and a bus or gondola to get to the park.

  1. Is this a legal hack to avoid paying for parking, or does Disney stop you from doing that?

  2. What’s the quickest transport route from Springs to Epcot?

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There are no buses direct from DS to the parks for this reason. However, you can bus to a resort and walk / take transport from there. It might be tight because DS opens at 10am and I’m not sure when buses start running or how frequent - you might just want to grab the very first bus you see and then transfer to an Epcot bus there.

However, if you have a choice, going to CBR, Riviera, AofA, or Pop would allow you to take the Skyliner. You could also go to BC, YC, or BWI and walk to the International Gateway.




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How much is parking per day now?

Several years ago, we did this. We wanted to show our kids Port Orleans, since that was where my wife and I had stayed on property many moons ago, so we thought why not park at DS, take a bus to Port Orleans, and then take a bus onto the park for the day.

In hindsight? I’d never do it again. The time it took was just not worth it. I think, all said, we ended up spending about 2 hours of the day on a bus, or waiting for a bus. My recommendation? Just pay the parking fee and avoid the hassle.


IIRC the closest bus stop to the International Gateway is the one at The Beach Club. We stayed at BC and it was a REALLY short walk to Epcot.

Looks like you made it to Epcot ok! How did you end up traveling?

Decided to not go through after all. Just paid the parking fee. $25 for less stress