Parking for the Boardwalk area

I will be at WDW during the holidays and thinking about touring the Boardwalk area -especially Jellyrolls. Will I be able to to park at the Boardwalk hotel or will it be ‘locked down’ for hotel guests and those with ADRs? Is there alternate parking someplace that I could use?

When we were there the week of Thanksgiving, they let us into the lot easily (we were staying at AoA) but most of the lot closest to the resort is reserved for guests actually staying at Boardwalk. It was still easy enough to find a spot in the back lot that was open to Boardwalk visitors.

We stayed at Pop Century last week and drove over to the Boardwalk. When you pull up to the guard, he will ask for your license. He gave it a quick look and then let us through. It is a long walk though.

If you have your magicband they will scan instead of using your id. Should be easy…

Not trying to be deliberately contrary, but if you’re referring to the week between Christmas and New Years it might not be so easy. Boardwalk frequently has hard closures during that time, meaning no one but Boardwalk guests and confirmed restaurant reservations. Even for valet parking. I usually go to Flying Fish for dinner on New Year’s Eve, and the guards had a list of all the reservations and checked my name against that list before letting me in.

@BGK that is my concern exactly. So, if I can’t park at the Boardwalk hotel does anyone have any idea where I could park for access to the Boardwalk area?

As you can see from this map, there is another lot across the street that I had on my list as an option. I have heard that sometimes people are directed there. We also considered parking at The Studios and taking a boat to the BoardWalk area. If we had had the time, that’s what we would’ve done.

Thanksgiving Week, however, we drove on and they didn’t ask what our business was or scan our Magic Bands.

Swan and Dolphin, because they are paid lots, don’t care if you’re a guest or not. If there’s space, you can park.

Have a drink at one of the lounges and you can get your parking fee validated. Works out to about the same price, but at least you get a quality Beverage out of it.

Others are right about the hard closure. I’ve seen it around the Holidays. I usually park in the parking lot just north of that Hess station, but I’ve seen that closed off as well. Same for the parking lot next to the fantasia mini golf. That’s a lot that is usually 1/2 empty except for the Christmas season and F&W. I’ve finagled my way into BC/YC parking lot during F&W by saying I was going to try and get a table at Beaches and Cream. But that was at 10:30 am and I always park as far away as I can from the resort and usually leave by 3pm.

Hi all,

Thanks for comments and suggests. We visited the Boardwalk area during the evening on January 1st. We were told to park in lot across the street from the resort and had no problem finding a spot. If you are ever visiting WDW at Christmas and have some spare time visit as many deluxe resorts as possible and check out the decorations.

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