Parking for MVMCP

We’re going to MVMCP on December 22 and were able to get a dining reservation at Steakhouse 71 for lunch that day. Can I park at the Contemporary and then just leave my car for the party? Will they charge to park?

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Are you staying at another Disney resort and already paying to park there? You only have to pay at one resort but yes you can park there and stay parked there.

I’m actually not entirely sure you have to pay to park if you have a dining res. I did pay once but we did valet

Btw we’re doing this too on the 18th but we’re Uber/lyfting.

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We’re staying offsite. I don’t mind paying to park but wasn’t sure about the process. If we get to stay there we skip ticketing and transportation so that’s a huge plus both ways

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I don’t believe they charge to park if you have an ADR.

Last December, we had no park days and were staying offsite. We had dinner at Topolino and Citricos and didn’t have to pay for parking. I think we either showed them our reservation on MDE or they looked us up on a list. Sorry, I can’t remember. We left our car at Citricos and monorailed to Poly to watch Electric Pageant and fireworks. Our car was still at Citricos when we returned hours later, though the parking lot was much emptier!