Parking for International Gateway

I have a reservation in the evening for an Illuminations cruise that leaves from Yacht Club. Will I be permitted to park at Yacht Club in the morning of that day? I would much rather enter and leave through IG

No first-hand experience, but I’m pretty sure to stay all day at the YC you would have to pay for valet parking.

In the past, it was my understanding you could valet but you could not park for free. However, I’ve anecdotally heard more of the resorts are cracking down on parking without ADR or reservation, even in valet. in particular, the contemporary has some new signange in this regard. So rules may be changing and even valet might not be allowed in some cases.

I would honestly drive up in the morning and explain your exact scenario. I would think they would let you park if you have a cruise booked later in the day. Is it during Food & Wine?

It is not during food and wine

I have no problem paying for valet parking - i just want to make sure its possible to park there as a non-resort guest