Parking for Epcot

We are going next month (1/15-1/19), staying at AKL. On our Epcot day, I would really like to enter via the International Gateway. Couple of reasons for this: a) I have issues walking, b) I’m trying to come up with a viable plan that does not require me to rent an ECV, and c) we always start/end our day in France. Previously, we’ve stayed at Pop Century and it’s not been an issue with the Skyliner taking us over. I would like to avoid as much “excess” walking as possible, if possible, for our little day at Epcot.

We were thinking of driving from AKL to AoA or Pop, park there and take the Skyliner. What issues would we potentially run into in this scenario?

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They don’t ppl into resorts w/o reservations dining or room and Pop/AoA don’t have dinning reservations. You could make a breakfast reservation at Riviera or Ale com?

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Understood, and technically “Day Guests” are welcome at almost any hotel, obviously not for park parking. I’m just asking specific to Pop (closed) or AoA (open?) I want to avoid making an ADR since Epcot is a day of eating…

Park at HS and ride the Skyliner to Epcot? Not sure if that’s doable right now that they check your magic band, though, with park reservations in the mix.

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Normally you would be correct. However since re-opening they have been discouraging people visiting other resorts. And unless you have an ADR you may not even be allowed in to park.

Disney are encouraging people to park at DHS dIf they want to use the Skyliner. I would just do that.

Be aware that although you’ll be able to get to CBR, you’ll probably be held there until near to IG being open.

This seems like a good idea. I don’t think that would be an issue since you are paying to park at HS.

You wouldn’t even have to technically take the Skyliner. You could walk from HS all the way to the IG at Epcot. It would be about a 25-30 minute walk. Although, I know that the OP has issues with walking, so that wouldn’t be ideal.

I don’t see any way around SOME kind of walking. Even if you COULD park at Pop or AoA (and I doubt you can), it is still a bit of a walk to get to the Skyliner station from the parking lots.


I like this. This is good. This could totally work.

You could also take the boat from DHS to the IG. At least any wait would be for the boat, not stuck at the CBR Skyliner station.

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If you plan to attempt the HS parking idea, make sure you check park closing times. If HS closes before EP that day you may not be able to board the skyliner back to that park !!