Parking for Chef Mickey and MK

I have a 7:20 reservation with Chef Mickey on our first day of our trip. We are only planning on staying at Magic Kingdom until 1:30pm that day. We are staying off property. There are 10 of us in two rental vans with car seats.

What is my best transportation option?

  1. Drive to Contemporary Resort and move car after breakfast since I understand I can only park there for 3 hours?
  2. Pay for valet parking at the Contemporary Resort? Which I have heard is good for 24 hours?
  3. Drive to TCC and take monorail at about 6:50am? Will the TCC be open and monorails operational by that time?
  4. Other?

Thank you in advance!

If you are offsite and would be paying for parking anyways, I would drive to Contemporary and valet there. Parking will only be a little more than at the parks that way, but way way more convenient.


Hey, Scott. I don’t know how expensive the valet is / but that seems the way to go. It definitely sounds better than spending an hour or so dealing with the large parking lot and monorail, or the hassle of reparking.

Have fun! Chef Mickey’s is awesome!

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I would just use the valet! It’s $25 to part at the TTC and $33 to valet (plus gratuity)

The valet staff at the Contemporary are wonderful!


When are you going? The 3-hour rule is an urban legend. I have never been told this by a security guard and they have very little way to track this. We parked at the Contemporary from 2pm-10pm in October and no one batted an eye. Don’t waste the money on valet parking. The back (empty) part of the parking lot is closest to the MK walkway so just park there and walk to MK.


This will be Sunday, March 15th.

I agree with @melcort. Just park.

Definitely valet.

With 10 people - some being littles - your logistics are almost exponentially simpler being at the door rather than dragging through the large parking lot - not to mention finding two parking spots hopefully near each other.

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I think you’d be 1000% fine to park the entire time at the Contemporary, regular or valet!

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