Parking for a PPO breakfast at AK

So we have a PPO breakfast at Tusker House (on Valentine’s day - just worked out that way). Ressie is at 810. Park opens at 9, so 830 to on site guests. We are off site. What time will Parking open? (I know we will be able to get in with reservation but travelling with child on spectrum so being turned away from gate if parking not open could cause a meltdown). What time should we get to AK parking?

OK the real news here is that you have a PPO breakfast.

That has not been a thing since the pandemic.

Is it possible the park hours are wrong?

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They recently extended hours, I think AK now opens at 8am on the 14th.

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Well, it was a hopeful thought while it lasted. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I know, I loved PPO breakfasts!

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Yep AK opens at 8 on the 14th, with ETPE at 7:30, so parking lots will definitely be open for you.

According to TP’s Lines WDW chat, folks are being let in the lot about an hour prior to ETPE. I’d plan on parking at 7.

Also, if you’re a nerd like me and like to get the latest info on parking lot openings, first busses, first walkers, etc….

Touring Plan’s has a tool: WDW Chat.

Scroll down to WDW Tools, then click WDW Chat. Lines users are ousting daily updates- or your can just ask on the spot.

I was surprised too when I got it. But it was what was available…

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Good to know. Still posted online (last time I checked) as 9. But I will check again. Thanks!

Thanks so much! I am actually feeling a little better. While I realize we shouldn’t “waste” early park hours in breakfast normally - we have a good liner plan, have DAS for me son and have very few “must dos” on our list for this park (no one riding FOP, focus on shows and animals) so it will all be okay.