Parking Fee Follow-up

We stayed at the AoA 06/02-09. I have been scanning over our bank statements and I can’t find a charge for the parking fee. How is that normally handled? I received the check-out email but didn’t notice anything. I have completely missed it somewhere?

Can’t answer your specific question, but what I do know is that the determine if you are parking there based on when you enter into the parking lot. If you scan in (or check in) at the gate, they use that as indication that you have parked there. But, the algorithm for figuring that out correctly is potentially tricky, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they erred on the side of caution, and don’t charge the parking fee if there is any uncertainty.

I was worried about this in August, because we had 3 rooms, but only one vehicle. I’d have to go back to my credit card statement from then to see how they managed it. Let me see if I can find it.

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Okay. I found it.

So, of the three rooms, two were billed to me (the third was billed to my DS). They (the rooms) were the same price, but one room they charged $105 more. Doing the math, that works out to $15/night, which is correct. So they included the parking in with the room charge. I’d probably have to look at my itemized Disney receipt to see it detailed out. So, check if your room charge matches what you were expecting to pay with versus without the parking. If they didn’t include parking, it appears you got off not having to pay it! :slight_smile:

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Actually when it started it looked like they were charging everyone who hadn’t booked ME. I haven’t heard any mention of that since the first few months though.

Yeah. That would be very problematic. As I understand things from my August visit, when you check into the resort, as well as when you drive in each day, they match your MB scan to your name as a resort guest. If they match, they assume you are parking, and charge you accordingly. To ensure my DS wasn’t charged, since he took our van one evening to go to DS, I had him use a spare MB of mine when they got back to the resort to make sure they didn’t charge HIM for parking when I was already paying for it!

That’s the thing…my guest check-out receipt was completely blank.
I have looked at the receipt of payments from our travel agent, thinking maybe I already paid and didn’t realize. But, how would WDW know if I was parking or bussing to determine a prepay, since our package was not during the time they were offering flight packages anyway.
We drove in, did on-line check in, got the room number and went straight to the parks. I think I only went to the front desk once to pick up a gift delivery.
This is very odd!
But, I am not finding a charge anywhere!

**Edited to say, flight package wouldn’t matter, but I didn’t sign up for ME.

So…either you had pixie dust sprinkled on you and ended up with free parking, OR you were charged and just didn’t realize it.


WOW! :grinning:

How did you book your room and when? Parking was free when booked with MVT for a while after the parking fees were implemented.

We booked with Small World Vacations. But, I don’t remember that being one of our perks.

What do you mean by check-in?

If you mean scan in at the parking lot entrance, not everyone scans in. We never seemed to be in the right lane to do that lol! So we always ended up stopping and they never scanned our bands, we just showed them and they let us through.

Yes. This.

I had a split stay in early may. At AKL, we did not get charged for parking. There was no gate/attendant so I don’t know how they would have known we had a car there.

Then at Beach Club, we scanned my magic band on arrival. And $25 per night was listed as a line item on my bill. Sounds like you got lucky!