Parking charges at hotel vs parks?

This will be our first time with a rental car at WDW. If we have a Disney hotel room (Boardwalk) - we can park at the parks for free, right? What if we go to a park before we check-in (same day)?

On our transfer day, we’re checking out of Hard Rock at Universal and may go straight to EPCOT instead of checking in at Boardwalk first.

That is a good question. I would hold on to the receipt and when you check in they might deduct the fee.

FTFY! :smiley:

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If you’re staying at a Disney hotel but have not checked in, explain this to the parking booth attendant and show them a printout of your reservation confirmation. They should wave you right in with no fee.


also they will check your magic band which should show your reservation.


We did this on check in day with a PPO. I think they just asked which hotel, scanned a band and waved us through.

Good to hear that it works!