Parking at WDW Resorts for Non-Resort guests?

So we’ve had never had a car in the World as we usually stay onsite and use the bus transportation. This year we’re staying at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort and so we will be renting a car this year. We love getting breakfast / dinner at some of the resorts (Kona / Whispering Pines / Boma / etc) - so my question is how does parking at resorts work in this regard?

Are we allowed to just drive in? Do we need to have an ADR to show the gatekeeper? If we end up eating and walking around for a few hours will they tow our car? Do we pay to park?

I just would like to be prepared for these situations. If we end up parking at the Boardwalk, walking around and possibly hanging in Epcot for a little (or a lot) - I just want to make sure we don’t return to our rental to find a tire lock or it to have been towed.

We have no problem paying to park at a resort, but we usually tend to “wing” a couple days of our week long trip without ADRs and just wanted to see what the policy was for parking at resorts for non-staying guest.

Long way to say that, I guess.

Thanks for the help!

We were off-site with an adr for boma and had no issues. Just told the guard at the gate why we were there and he waived us through. I don’t have any insight for your length of stay/towing question because we didn’t stay any longer than to eat dinner.