Parking at the resorts

We will be staying at the resorts (without a car) and would like a local friend to join us and travel to the parks by bus.
My question is, can they park at the resorts for the day or do they have to be a guest of the resort?
If not, can we get some sort of pass from the resort and lend it to them?

Which resort?

If one of the Deluxe Epcot resorts or a Monorail resort, it’s a lot more unlikely to be allowed - otherwise everyone would try to do it.

I don’t believe there are any resort police checking cars but I could be wrong. I think what I would do in this case is tell the front desk that you are renting a car for a day and will be parking it overnight. If you are a guest I can’t see them having a problem with this but I am only guessing.

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To get in to certainly the deluxe resort parking lots you either need to have a magic band to be scanned or be on a list of ADR reservations or be a resort guest (if you come from outside of the US you won’t have a magic band to scan when you first arrive, so they look you up).

So you may need to add your friend as a day guest for them to be able to park.

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