Parking at the Parks to Save Night/Morning mayhem

Ok, going in April and staying at POR, with DS14, dd8, ds5,ds3, by myself. (mostly) We will have a car. I was thinking of driving and parking each morning at the parks, other than MK, and when we leave for the afternoon break using Disney transportation back and forth so that at the end of the night less wait on the transportation when everyone is exhausted. My 3 questions: good idea or bad? How good is parking at the parks? Will this save time at the end of the night?

Last February during President’s week we stayed at POR and drove to every park. The only park we left the car at was MK. It was easy to leave/arrive at the other parks any time. At MK we left POR around 7:10 and we were waiting to get into the park at 7:45. We parked very close at TTC. We did use the bus to return to POR at mid day and Lyft to CR when we returned.

We drive to the parks, too. Including MK. I don’t like being subject to the whims the transportation system and recently we’ve have a stroller to haul. From POR to Epcot is a super easy and fast drive. HS and AK aren’t bad either, even back and forth during the day. Getting out has not been an issue, but it’s been 15 years or more since I left with the rush after fireworks…so I may not be the best source for that answer.