Parking at Tchoup Chop

We have a reservation at Tchoup Chop for a Saturday evening in March, but are not staying on-site that day. It’s my understanding that the restaurant provides free valet parking or will validate your self parking ticket. Currently, I have a 5pm reservation. Was planning on dining and then going into parks for a while after dinner to use up the 3rd free day of my two day ticket. Alternatively, I could head into the parks earlier in the day and move my dinner reservation later. Either way, I figure between dinner and parks to be gone for 4-5 hours. Is this possible? Or will I need to move car (and pay for balance of parking)?

Thanks. -John

They wont make you move your car but the free valet parking for Tchoup dinner is at the Pacifica Ballroom entrance of RPR not the main car park / valet area of RPR It is only staffed from 5 I believe!( When dinner starts) so you won’t be able to get in for free before that. The valet staff also finish when tchoup closes and there have been reports of customers having issues getting there cars back after this time. Don’t know about the validating self parking sorry. I know Islands validates self parking for RPR and you can leave your car without problems eating there.