Parking at resort hours before ADR

I have TIW and would like to valet free at GF around 3:30, go to MK via monorail and then back to GF for our Narcoosees ADR at 7:25. Do you think they will give me any push back?

I've no firsthand experience but have read that if you valet you can stay for as long as you like.

We didn't use the TiW valet bonus, but we parked at contemporary at 0715 for a 1000 wave reservation and went to AM EMH at MK before hand

I have used the free valet with TIW for extended hours many times with no questions. Do not worry about enforcement of the 3-hour limit.

Make sure you keep your receipt, and if the person at the guard shack will let you in that early then you'll be fine to valet at that time. The GF has actually turned me away, when I had an ADR, during the early MB days because it didn't show up on the MB I was wearing and I didn't have a printed conformation paper. I had to go around the building, get back in line, and show them an email on my phone. I was mad!

Ahhh, good advice. Thanks!

So it sounds as if - say we have adr for Ohana 7:15 am - do the valet parking- can then go to MK for morning without moving car?

What if moved car midday, returned with proof of original valet payment? I think they'd turn you away then, b/c no longer an adr.