Parking at Poly?

We have a ADR for Chef Mickey’s, staying at AOA, can we park our car at Poly, and take the ferry to MK and then monorail to the Contemporary? Trying to avoid the crazy parking lots when MK closes, and my kids will love the monorail and the ferry.

yes you can, but are you allowed to? Parking at hotels is for those utilizing the services of the hotel…guests staying there, people using a spa, people dining. How long one leaves their car there is debatable. Why not park at the contemporary? It’s walkable after closing to avoid resort transportation, and after your meal, you could use the monorail to get to the magic kingdom

Just park or even valet at CR then you don’t have to worry about anything since you have an ADR there! :slight_smile:

Very unlikely. With a good part of the Polynesian’s parking lot closed for construction, the guards run a “hard close.” Meaning, if you don’t have a room or confirmed dining reservation (they have a list at the gate), you’ll be turned away, even for valet.

A liner with a ADR was refused entry to park at poly today They have posted on chat about it.