Parking at GF

We’ll be going to MK in the morning and then to the GF spa. Question is, will we be able to park at GF at 9am if our spa appointment isn’t until 2pm? It’s the last weekend of this month so the crowds won’t be crazy crowded - I’ve heard that makes a difference with the resorts leniency with parking.

If you’re willing to pay the valet parking fee at GF, then it should be no problem at all. If you’re looking at it as a way of getting out of having to pay for parking, I wouldn’t count on it. Another option would be to park at the TCC (slightly cheaper than valet) and use various combinations of monorails and boats to get back and forth between the TTC, MK, and GF.

I would just valet. you have to pay $20 a day for regular parking - Valet isn’t hat much more (think it is $25) so just make your life easy. Valet, hit the park, pamper grab you car.

Not looking for a way to get out of paying for parking, I’m staying at OKW so parking at TTC presents no cost to me. Looking at it more for convenience. We have a dining reservation at another location after the spa - so planning to park at GF for the ease of time of just getting in the car and being on our way after spa.
Option 1 - parking at GF in the morning before MK.
Option 2 - park at TTC in the morning, go to MK, return to car and move it to GF before spa appointment. However, this option is a p.i.t.a because getting out of the parking lot at TTC and then getting to GF does not have a direct route without going out World Drive, turning around and coming back again.
Hadn’t thought about valet though. I’ll probably just do that.

I know that opinions are varied on this, but I would definitely go ahead and park at the GF! We have honestly never been turned away from parking at a resort (Poly, CR, Boardwalk, GF). We definitely go during low crowd season (end of Jan, end of Sept) but have had plenty of luck just telling the parking attendant that we want to eat QS, look around the resort, etc. I would think you would have absolutely no problem saying that you have a spa appointment later in the day. They will likely scan your band and send you on your way. I believe the last time we ate at the Grand Floridian we had to park at the spa anyway!

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