Parking at Ft. Wilderness to visit Magic Kingdom to return later for Hoop de Doo

What would be the best plan for visiting Magic Kingdom in the early afternoon then heading to Hoop de Doo for our reservation for the 8:30 show? I was thinking to park at Ft. Wilderness, take the ferry to MK then come back the same way. That way it would be quicker getting home after the show. We are not staying on Disney property. If this sounds good, could someone explain how to get the the parking area and then how to get to the ferry? Thank you.

As long as you allow plenty of time in the morning, this could work well. FW has parking for day visitors so I don’t see why you couldn’t park there for the day, particularly with your show reservation.?Perhaps someone else knows different though??

Logistically, you park at the entrance and then take an internal FW bus to Settlement Depot which is where HDDR and the ferry dock are. You would use the ferry to and from MK and take the internal
FW bus back to your car after the show. was helpful when I was planning our stay there.

If you can’t find a definitive answer about parking for the day from another liner, you might check out this forum:

Thank you very much!