Parking at Disney Springs on our last day

I’m planning to park at Disney Springs on our last day, shop for a bit then take the bus to Grand Floridian to see the gingerbread house, then to POFQ to get beignets, then monorail to Epcot. My question is, will we have any trouble taking a bus back to Disney Springs after Illuminations?

Currently there are direct buses after 4:00 to DS. If you are worried you could always walk out of International Gateway and hop on the bus at the Beach Club.

There’s no direct bus from GF to POFQ. You’ll either have to take a bus back to DS and take a different one (or the boat) to POFQ, ot take the mono to MK and get a POFQ bus from there.

Thanks for letting me know. We probably need to modify the plan a bit.

What about parking at POFQ long enough to get beignets then driving to DS, parking, shopping, then taking a bus to GF then mono to Epcot? Think that would work?

If you can adjust your order slightly, the best way for travel would be:

  1. Park at DIS springs and shop.
  2. Hop the boat to POFQ for beignets - nice boat road as well.
  3. Bus to MK
  4. Boat from MK to GF (or resort monorail - I’d recommend the boat though) & checkout the Gingerbread house etc.
  5. Monorail from GF to TTC
  6. Switch to Epcot monorail
  7. Bus back to DS via main entrance after 4PM or go out International and grab bus at Beach Club
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Sounds like it would work!