Parking at Contemporary

Staying at Beach Club in August and will have our car. We have a dinner reservation at Chef Mickey’s, then plan to go into MK for fireworks. Can we park (for free) at Contemporary and leave the car there 'til after fireworks?

Thanks for the help! These boards are quite valuable, even for a lurker!

We are staying off site and went to California Grill on Sunday night and we parked for free in the carpark in front of the hotel.

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Yes same here either tell them you have a ADR or they will scan your band ( if you have one)



Thanks, guys!

This raises a follow-up question: I’m working on the assumption that it’s less of a hassle to leave MK (after fireworks) from Contemporary than from TTC. Is this true? If so, is it common practice to use a Contemporary ADR as a means for better MK parking?


Yes it is, absolutely.

I would not say it is common, but many do it. If you are planning for all day, you need to valet for $25 plus tip. If just going for the evening, head to the CR for your ADR and then leave car there.

Great. Thanks, @Wahoohokie!
BTW, is your username a sign of internal Virginian conflict? :wink:

Yep. I went to both schools, so I am conflicted on my loyalty. :wink:

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I was wondering the same exact thing. I assumed I would just have to ask the front desk, but I would hate getting a ticket on vacation.

I cannot imagine they give out too many tickets. (Unless you are parking dangerously illegally, i.e. fire lanes.) If you are allowed into the front gates, you are allowed to park. During slow times of the year we have had luck parking without ADRs at the Poly, Contemporary, Yacht Club, etc. It all depends on how the parking attendant is feeling that day! And if the lots are full/crowded.