Parking at Boardwalk

My family has ADR for Bon Voyage Breakfast at Boardwalk. We are staying offsite and will be going to Epcot after breakfast. Is our best bet for parking to pay for valet at Boardwalk resort? Other ideas? I think using the international gateway entrance is better in our touring plan. Thoughts? TIA


Take an Uber to Boardwalk.

Take a bus to DHS, then walk or get the boat down to Boardwalk.

Valet park

I guess it depends on whether you want the car at the end of the day. We never drive on property, so would chose option 2.

With an ADR you can drive to Baordwalk and park. They may say a 3 hour limit but you will be fine. Enjoy your breakfast!

It depends for me on vacation - time is money. I would valet. Do the ADR and keep it there all day if you plan on staying at Epcot for the day.

If you get past the gate with an ADR, you’re golden. You can drop people off at the hotel, then drive to self-park. It’s like a two minute walk. I’ve never seen a town truck at WDW taking anybody out of a parking lot.