Parking at boardwalk with ADR

Just wondering if I have an ADR at a boardwalk restaurant will I be able to leave my car there and walk to Epcot? I have seen some posts about a three hour limit but wasn’t sure if anyone had some recent experience. Also for contemporary to MK?

I can’t speak for Boardwalk, but my experience last year with O’Hana was that I was allowed to park and we went to the park after all day. Because I paid for parking (valet) they were good with me being parked all day. I figured I was paying to park either way, whether I was paying at O’Hana or at a park.

Thanks for your reply. I should add that we are staying onsite so I wouldn’t be paying to park at the park. Really just trying to avoid putting the two little ones back in the car to drive to the park :wink:

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That I can completely understand!

You’ll be absolutely fine! The 3 hour limit is a rather mysterious rule that doesn’t seem to have a basis in actual documentation anywhere.