Parking at another resort for the day?

Hello - we will be staying at AOA but on one of the days of our trip we have breakfast reservations at 'Ohana at the Polynesian village. We will have a rental car which we are planning on driving to breakfast. Can we leave our rental car at the Polynesian all day and take the monorail to MK after breakfast?

I was able to do that on a trip last year. I wasn’t a resort guest, so I had to pay for parking. But it was worth it to me to start and end at Poly rather than moving the car. You should be good.

You can pay for valet parking. But otherwise they give you 3 hours to eat and explore.

I called Beach Club ahead of our EP day, asked if could leave car for morning since breakfast @Cape May, so we’d be leaving around lunchtime (so longer than 3 hrs). They said no problem at all.

We got back to car around 1pm. when we returned to EP parking lot that evening, they just waved us thru, so double win, yay!

So if you decide to take a break that day, you should be ok to pick up car a bit later than 3 hours, I don’t think they’d be sticklers about that long at Poly either.

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Yes! Park at the Poly! The 3 hour rule is an urban legend. They have no way of knowing how long your car is there for. You should not have to pay either.

We have parked at the Poly, CR, BC and YC for morning breakfast and then walked or monorailed over to the parks for the day with no issues. In super high crowd times (Christmas, July 4th) you may have issues, but it’s not likely at other times.

We have dinner reservations at the Poly one evening. Any idea if I can go park there that morning at 7 am and leave the car there all day? Or is that just tempting fate. May just do valet at the Poly that day.