Parkhoppers Guide to 2 Galaxies and a Kingdom! A trip report

Starting off a placeholder for a whirlwind trip that I leave for tomorrow! Just as a refresher, I’m crazy, because I just got back from a week-long trip at WDW last Friday, and now I’m headed back.

DD25 is a consultant and currently has a client in Orlando - so she is there for work this week, and a few weeks ago, on a whim, she said “Mom! You should come down and spend a day at Epcot with me!” Initial reaction was “That’s crazy, I will have just gotten back”… which morphed (very quickly) into “heck yeah!”, which then morphed last weekend into “Why just Epcot… let’s hop and do everything you want to do!”

So yeah.

She’s already there, I fly out tomorrow night arriving really late (because I can’t take any more time off work right now) and we are staying at Art of Animation - a first for both of us. I recommend it frequently and am glad to get to stay there. Wanted Pop or AoA for skyliner access, and got a better rate at AoA in a Little Mermaid room.

Sat - our plan is to rope drop at HS, hop to EP at 2, hop to MK around 6, and stay through park close.

I think I have a plan worked out through a series of ILLs, Genie+, and a VQ for Guardians, that will allow us to do everything on her list… including (back to the TR title) - two galaxies (Galaxy’s Edge and Guardians of the Galaxy) and some top hits at MK.

Sunday neither of us fly out until late afternoon/evening, so we have a brunch booked at Trattoria Al Forno and then plan on taking a bus from Boardwalk to MK, hopping the monorail and doing some resort touring - she’s never been in any of the monorail resorts, so that should be a lot of fun.

I’m going to try to do somewhat live reporting - DD is going to be much more understanding of me being on my phone, but we will see if I can keep that up!

Pic of my adventurous DD on the solo trip she took to IOA a few weeks ago when she was in Orlando.


This sounds so fun! Can’t wait to follow.

At the airport, delayed 30 min (so far) so I’m making the best of it celebrating Cinco de Mayo


DD is at the resort… she and her DH are in a regular Friday night D&D group… I love that she’s playing remotely while waiting for me to arrive!!


On our way! We have a slinky LL, a Rise ILL and a Tron ILL for 10 pm! Only thing I couldn’t do was the guardians VQ because reservation was for HS


Great start with back to back Tower of Terror!




Following, hope y’all have an amazing day! I’m planning a 4ParkOne day for myself and DS14 in June with a start in HS, to Epcot to hopefully catch some remaining VQ from the 1pm drop, quick jump to AK to fit in some EE and then finish with a extended deluxe night at MK with Tron iLL and hopefully a VQ from the 6pm drop


Love the thread title. And you look like twins. Have a great day!


Oga’s, Slinky, libations, then we’re evacuated off Rise. Trying to convert from a HS golden ticket to other park since we are about to hop.

Gunner in a Hunk of junk for hondo. Ronto Roasters, Muppets and then GS then hopping time!


Ended up getting back on Rise after all and had all A mode! Muppets then hopped on skyliner to Epcot. Wandered the world:

Soared, saw Nemo, built a gas guzzling performance car that was in the top 5 for power for the day, and now on monorail to MK!!


Had a beautiful view for HEA, now on Space and then Buzz then TRON!


What a fun trip!!

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What an amazing day. Will provide final thoughts tomorrow, but we got Front Row for Tron, then wandered to FantasyLand to end the day with the carousel and Peter Pan. An amazing, beautiful, perfect day with my girl. Thanks for following along.


Front row was AMAZING!


Looks like an epic day!


Wow - yesterday was just epic. Final tallies:

8 am to 11 pm
Three parks
21 attractions
Longest line we stood in was 25 minutes all day (Space Mountain, no LL)
11.25 miles walked in total

We had a slow morning today - brunch at Trattoria Al Forno, then visited lobbies of Grand Flo and Poly (including a stop at Pineapple Lanai). Back at MCO now - her flight was much earlier than mine so I’m camped out for a while.

This never needs to be said to this audience… but I’ll say it anyway. TAKE THE TRIP.

This trip made zero sense logically - we just took a trip a week ago, couldn’t take any more time off, have another (ND) trip coming up, needed to be home for some things… but I took it anyway and I don’t regret one second, one aching foot, not a thing. Having this time with my DD was just a gift.

Thanks for following along…


Gorgeous photo of the two of you!

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This is the best advice!