Park Touring and the Genie+ & ILL option

"Unfortunately, you can only “get started” if you or someone in your party has a Park Pass Reservation and you’re visiting in the near future (roughly the next 5 days)."


Sharing a very helpful Blog comment:


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That’s how I refresh from home—I discovered it by accidentally clicking on the LL one day lol

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This actually isn’t the case. My tickets and APR are for late December. I went through and told Genie my preferences and I can pin attractions now. You just can’t make “My Day”’a future day. Use today as the date even though your ticket isn’t for today.


" This leads us to perhaps the most important point here: be smart about what you’re paying for. Know your touring style and what you want to accomplish, and then decide whether Genie+ or ILL will help you with that. Don’t just purchase based on crowd levels or posted wait times."

I wish guests would take this recommendation seriously. Too many people are falling into this money trap set by Disney!


Nice to see that the basic Genie plan did an OK job at MK. That earlier testing of Genie at HS could not have gone worse.

Although Becky had previously given G+ purchase advice factoring in crowd levels, I’m glad she ended with that advice. Realizing that it’s not a one size fits all for everyone.

It’s just a shame that more people don’t take the time to research, but just assume those purchases are necessary for them to have a better park day.


Example of what’s in the article:

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Great advice and I like the timer widget, good idea.




Boooooo G+.


Some highlights from today’s article:

"The data for today’s post is NOT simple. It is messy and new and raw. If you’re wondering why Lines doesn’t yet support suggestions for which Genie+ reservations to make and when, this is part of the reason why. We need data on these return times, and we also need data on wait time savings. That means you can help by submitting your Genie+ and standby wait times if you’re in the parks."

Something different for Liners to remember: Use the timer in the Lightning Lane too!

At AK if you want to book both KS and NRJ with moderate crowds and want to park hop, the 2nd booking (10am) will have a return time around 3:30, so not an ideal scenario for hopping!

At Epcot, Genie+ may only be worth it for TT and Soarin’. Everything else, the LL is not much of a time saver. And in high crowds, you will probably be disappointed by the late return times of many attractions. With a good plan, you should just skip G+ at EP.

TP’s 1-10 scale Crowd Levels will need to be recalibrated. The parks feel very crowded, but that hasn’t led to super long waits like you may have thought. So the correlation is different than pre-covid.

The MK & HS return time data article and analysis will be out tomorrow.