Park-to-Park Transportation

I am trying to figure out the quickest way to get from one park to another via Disney transportation. The Disney website says “ask a CM” but I would like to plan ahead. Is there a transportation map somewhere?

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I was looking through my chats this morning and saw this:

Why do these links keep on going in and out?


I find this “transportation wizard” to be helpful:

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You just have to be careful because that has not been updated. The most obvious example is that it says there are buses from resorts to the water parks and there are not.

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Was just going to recommend this as well!

Yes, good point!

You guys are awesome. Thank you so much!!!

Oh I like that one! Wish it was accurate.

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As of last fall this map was fairly accurate and I found it quite useful. I would recommend buying the High Definition version (available on, which makes it usable on a tablet size screen.

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Could you re-post the link to the Etsy map? The link is weird :slight_smile: Thanks!

The link I posted also has an embedded link to Etsy.

I find asking people here or on chat is the best way to get transportation advice.

I agree!

Just remember by BUS
you can NOT go resort to resort
you will need to go into a park then out

Sorry for the typo … here is the complete URL:

And here is a URL for the author of the map:
Walt Disney World Resort® Maps

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

That is the same one I posted? Is it?