Park to Park Transportation

Last summer we took advantage of the express transportation option. I guess they have discontinued it. Has something else replaced it? A CM mentioned Disney vans today? I am looking for the quickest way to travel between AK and the other parks. Thanks!

There are still buses, but barring that your fastest would be your own car or an Uber/Lyft/Minnie Van

The Disney vans would be the Minnie Vans ($20 per ride available if you are staying at a deluxe resort). I always use Uber or park to park buses/monorail or walk EP to HS.

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@poohfanclub they did discontinue those Park to Park behind the scene buses. I miss them as well great way to go park to park and avoid the bag check lines again and very speedy.

Thanks everyone. I am guessing that Minnie vans would be an option for us since we are staying at a Poly villa? I am just concerned about getting to AK quickly for rope drop.

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Yep! On your arrival day you may get a prompt for Minnie Vans when you open the MDE app. You’ll need the Lyft app too as that is how you call for a minnie van. If you do not get the prompt in MDE, ask at the bell desk for the code to add it.

Are you going to another park before AK rope drop?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear here. We want to go to AK at RD from our resort because we don’t have FP’s for FOP and are stuck riding it standby for now. I am not too confident that the buses will get us there early enough to get a good position at the gate. We also want to be able to hop quickly between parks since we are only staying for 4 nights. We were planning to use the Express Transportation option, but that has been discontinued.

Is there now bus service that goes directly from AK to MK? Or, will we have to go to the TTC first (or use Uber/Lyft/Minnie vans)?

Buses go park to park. And at MK, all Disney buses go to the MK bus station, not TTC. The buses at TTC are those from offsite and local regular services.

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