Park to Eat at Beaches and Cream and go to Epcot

Hi all!

I’m going through the thousand options for our arrival day and I’m wondering this:

If we eat lunch at Beaches and Cream (and park there before we are able to get into our room at BLT) can we leave our car there for a few hours and go into EPCOT via international gateway?

When we went last time, we got to AKL, ate a Sanaa…which was fantastic…but then had quite a bit of time before we could get in our room. I’m hoping to kill a bit of time in WS before we can check in.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for our arrival day? We are driving down to Jacksonville, FL the day before and then driving in that morning (or at least that’s what we did last year). I didn’t love just hanging out at the resort until our room was ready. It was cold and rainy, so we couldn’t go to the pool like I had planned. I’m hoping to have some other options besides just “exploring the resort”. Because that took no time.

You might consider parking at BLT and heading to Disney Springs. You could do an ADR for lunch somewhere and explore / shop.

You could also park at BLT and take the monorail around the loop - maybe have lunch at a different resort?

We also found the mini golf to be a lot of fun (although a little pricey, all things considered).

I don’t know about leaving your car, but if it were me I wouldn’t want to worry about parking / moving the car. I’d rather just park where I’m staying, leave my bags with the desk and venture out.

That’s my two cents :slight_smile:

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Yes, you can leave your car at BC. We do this frequently, leave our car after an ADR. We are big on getting right to the parks, no need to waste time waiting for that room to be ready. Head to EP, make your way around the WS and when you are done walk back to BC and get your car. Enjoy!

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It depends on the time of year. Especially if it’s during a festival you may not be allowed to park at Y&BC unless you’re staying there.

It will be during festival of the arts. So…not F&W at least.


Though FOTA seems to be picking up steam.

Wouldn’t they be okay if they had an ADR for Beaches and Cream? Or does BC crack down that hard on parking that they don’t even let ADRs in?

If they were just doing B&c to go, I can see where they wouldn’t get in.

Just trying to help OP.

You didn’t mention if you have an ADR. You’ll need that to ensure entry for parking.
If you have a reservation, this plan will work fine. They don’t tag cars and no one is patrolling the lot.
We legitimately had an ADR for 'Ohana in January and were at the Poly for about 6 hours enjoying the resort. No issue at all.

I have been there more than once where even with an ADR we were directed to a satellite lot down the road. Even with an ADR.

How far away is the satellite lot? Just curious, because we are driving to Cape May Cafe in May and didn’t think we’d have any trouble parking there…

It was down the street about the equivalent of a city block or two.

You may not have to go there. But I know when I was there with friends both during holidays and during Epcot festivals, even an ADR was not enough to allow you to park in the actual lot. They have to have spaces for the guests staying there - and too many people using ADRs as an excuse to park not just for the ADR but as free parking for Epcot made them go to alternatives.

I was planning on having an ADR and it would be on the Sunday of MLK weekend. I’m just trying to get to the international gate and not have to park at BLT and take the monorail.

You can try, but that is a very busy weekend AND during FOTA. So I would be prepared to pay valet and/or have a back-up plan.

Sounds good. Thanks! I didn’t realize I could pay valet. That might be worth it. Not trying to get free parking just a parking place closer to international gateway.

Sometimes even valet isn’t allowed without a resort reservation - but it is more likely that it will be. The free thing is more debatable because many people do know about the IG and try using Y&BC for free parking for Epcot.