Park tickets

Ive been checking the prices constantly for park tickets and was looking to see what others are finding for prices and where. So far AAA is the cheapest. We are arriving 11/25-12-2. Thinking a 5 day is enough. We are going to the Xmas party so we get an extra day at MK.

AAA and Undercover Tourist I believe would be your best options. I’d be weary of getting them anywhere else.

Are you using the TP Ticket Finder?

Ive looked at both and AAA is slightly cheaper than undercover tourist. AAA apparently ended their diamond parking locations this year unfortunately i think

I’m surprised AAA has better prices than the usual discounters - I’ve never found they were when I checked. (I’d make sure they are including all the tax and shipping in the AAA price.)

I was about to post the ticket finder link and @brklinck was faster on the draw! :smiley:

Alternatively, if you use my Maximum Discount spreadsheet, you can enter the number of Adults and children in your party and look at the charts below it to see who of the 4 usual discount resellers has the largest discount by number of days and ticket type.

In the example below from my spresadsheet, I’ve drawn boxes around the 5 day tickets line - right now if you are buying Base or Park Hopper PLUS tix, Boardwalk is the cheapest, while Undercover Tourist is the cheapest for regular Park Hoppers.

(Note: I try to keep the sheet updated at regular intervals, but the last update was a few weeks ago, so always double check the numbers at the site you use.)

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i know someone who got them from UT and the tickets were no good. it was a giant fiasco

Totally agree with this - I also have never seen AAA cheaper once I found out what the total actual cost was. The same with the “Tickets At Work” program that some employers offer.

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We got 9 Park Hopper tickets from UT in the summer with an excellent discount. They came in the mail with no trouble, and my sister promptly lost her 4 tickets just in time for our 60 day FP mark - on a weekend, no less! Undercover Tourist actually helped her to resolve the issue with minimal wait & I thought they handled it very well, considering it was not their fault the tickets were lost. I just wanted to respond with a positive comment about them because my experience with tickets with them was very good.

I’ve only heard good experiences with UT tickets, myself.

I do think their chat reps need some better skills, as they didn’t answer some questions I had in any logical manner - but that did not affect the ticket use or price, just a question on the expiration of some special deal tickets.

But, I did have an issue with the Mousesavers additional discount link working at UT for a 2nd purchase, but within a day their billing person credited me the difference.

I have bought tickets from UT many times and have never had an issue. I have actually decided to pay a few dollars more and buy them from UT and not other discounted sellers when I wanted a hard ticket.

I used the TP ticket finder and Boardwalk Ticketing was the cheapist for me. I was able to link them to MDE the next day after ordering them and hard tickets came in the mail about a week later.

I guess my question is what happens if I get there and there is an issue with the tickets? Does undercover tourist and boardwalk make good on the tickets or am I out a ton of money??

You should be able ton know if there’s an issue with the tickets being valid way before you are at the park, since you have to attach them to your MDE to be able to book Fastpasses.

But, I don’t think there’s any concern at all that the tickets UT or the other resellers TP has in its ticket finder are going to sell you ones that don’t work.

In fact, If you choose the an e-ticket option when buying, you can know if they are good in minutes: 5 minutes after I ordered ours I received the code and had them set up and assigned to people in my MDE a minute later.

The tickets you buy from Undercover Tourist or Boardwalk Ticketing aren’t “resold” tickets or anything like concert tickets where you might buy a “bad” ticket. These are original tickets that they are selling as a vendor. I’ve literally never heard a negative review of either and the only “issues” that folks have are not reading fully and understanding what they are buying. Like others have said, you will know that they are valid tickets 2 minutes after you buy them, but if there was any kind of ticketing issue, I know both would stand behind you. And in the instances where people thought they purchased more days than they actually did, I am also fairly confident that both agencies would work with the buyer to figure out a fix.