Park tickets question - combining old tickets with new ticket pricing


I’m wondering if anyone can help me. I have 3 unused park tickets from the old park tickets structure. I had planned a trip for this past November that I had to cancel. I now want to do a longer trip (6 days) this spring. I was told by one Disney rep that I could upgrade my existing 3 day park hopper pass to a 6 day park hopper pass and would save money because of the “you pay less per day the more days you play” principle. I called and talked to another agent who said there is no way to upgrade my existing ticket because it would be two different ticket categories. Anyone know if I can do this or not? It seems I stand so save lots of $$ if I can upgrade my 3 day park hopper to a 6 rather than buying a whole new 3 day.


Thanks in advance for the help!

I would think you could upgrade but would pay current “per day” pricing.

Would be curious to see if others have done this yet.

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Following. We purchased 5 day hoppers under the old system as well for a May 2019 trip. Some of us may want to upgrade to 7 or 8 day hoppers if an upgrade is possible.

I’ll let you know how it works out. I’m waiting on approval from work for the time off but then I’ll be calling back to try to upgrade the tickets.


Thank you!

I’m hoping to apply my tickets purchased on the old system to annual passes in May. I have just kinda been hanging out waiting to see how it has worked for others. Even though your scenario is slightly different, I am curious how it goes!

I completely forgot that I had purchased my tickets through Working Advantage and not directly through Disney. Because of this Disney cannot upgrade my ticket (which is completely understandable). I could, actually, have them upgrade it if I do it at the park the day I get there. I’m opting not to do this because then I couldn’t book my fastpasses 60 days out. But it is an option and the woman on the phone said they do “try to help people out with fastpasses when they are in this situation at the ticket window” so someone else might roll the dice and hope they get a super helpful CM who would hook them up with good FPs. But I’m too much of a planner for that so I’m going to just pay up and buy more tix.

I was told that if my ticket were purchased through Disney directly they could upgrade the ticket. This info should be helpful for the rest of you. They also did say that like the old system, you pay less per ticket the more days you go. Which is very good news.

Have a magical day everyone!

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Thanks for the update!

This is the same situation we are in. Bought our tickets through Boardwalk Ticketing in advance, we knew a price increase was on the way and, at that time, only thought we would be onsite for 6 days max (we got 5 days tickets). Now due to some schedule changes, we ended up extending our onsite hotel reservations. Long story, but I will end up being onsite for 8-9 days with part of my group using their tickets days 1-5 and the other using tickets days 4-8. While I would like to be able to go into the park on all days, it is not worth it to lose the ability to book FPs 60 days in advance.

Now that I think about it some more, I am curious about the FP booking in advance and why it can’t be done. I would think you would be able to make advance FPs 60 days out for the original ticket (3 days in your case). Did the CM going into any detail about it? I can make my schedule work with only 5 days of advance FPs. I want to use my ticket on days 1-3 to dine with the rest of my family in the parks and see night time shows. I’d actually be okay if I only did a few rides.

I agree.

You could still book FPs for the most important days. Maybe pick a day at AK and DHS at around day 3-5 if FoP and Slinky are amongst your “must-do” rides. And add MK to get 7dmt.

Everything else would be OK to book as soon as you upgrade. Take 20 minutes to select your FPs for the rest of the days.

And with your TPS, you’d know what you want to get them for! Win - win!

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I think I have to make the advance FPs for my first days in the park (days 1-5). If I was to make my FPs for days 4-8 and enter on day 1, I lose my FPs.

Also, I am wondering if any advance FPs on a ticket are wiped when that ticket is upgraded. Otherwise, I could upgrade prior to entering the park on day 1 to prevent the FP dropping issue. All of our tickets were purchased before the current date-specific pricing started from a third party ticket seller.

Yes! Sorry if I worded that poorly. You 100% can make your FPs 60 days out for the original ticket. My concern was not being able to make FPs 60 days out for ALL of my park days (meaning, the days I would be adding when I upgraded my tickets same day at the park).

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I don’t believe you would lose your FPs when you upgrade. At least that’s what they told me on the phone.

I refuse to wait in very long lines so the FPs are very important to me. Especially because I’ve never done TSL or Pandora and I know those FPs are not available same day. So for me it was worth it. But I can totally see you going with upgrading at the park in your situation where you aren’t concerned with doing a ton of rides.

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