Park Ticket Questions for Multiple Trips

Hey Touring Plans Family! I have a few questions about how my park tickets will work across two trips. Earlier this year, my side of the family planned a six night trip to Disney for December 17 - 23 with a 5-day park ticket. We have already linked our resort reservations and tickets to our accounts and made our park selections.

Since then, my husband’s side of the family has decided to travel at Thanksgiving. We are staying November 19 - 26 with a 6-day park hopper.

#1 - Is there any issues booking 11 days of park reservations as long as I have two separate ticket packages?

#2 - Both trips include split stays between resorts with the park tickets attached to the first reservation. I know that this will impact when I have access to dining for the second leg of my trip, but is there something else that could be impacted by the split stay that I’m not thinking about?

#3 - In the past pre-park reservations, we could add an extra day at the parks on at the end of the trip if we wanted to go in one last time before heading to the airport. I’m guessing in our new normal that will not be possible, right? Trying to decide if I want to go ahead and pay extra now and book a park reservation for departure day just in case.

Thank you for your help!

  1. As long as you have your tickets purchased - resort guests can make park reservations for the length of their stay as long as they have a valid ticket. So, as long as you have both reservations in there, shouldn’t be an issue.
  2. Dining reservations are the biggest issue with the split stay - you still have a hotel reservation, so you should be able to make park reservations for all of the days of the split stay.
  3. You can still add extra days in the app once your trip begins. Since you’re traveling around the holidays…I think you’re right, an available park reservation would be the gamble.

That’s a lot of holiday Disney! Have so much fun!

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I have a related question. I have a June trip and December trip. I just added tickets for our December trip. Will there be problems in June when entering parks since I have tickets for two different trips? They are dated so I would think all will be ok but now I am worried I have confused the system and will have trouble our first day.

No you shouldn’t have any trouble.

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Thanks! This is the first time I have two trips in MDE at the same time :slight_smile:

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