Park Ticket Change

My MIL and SIL are planning on coming with us to Disney World in September. I booked our package together and got 7 day park hopper tickets. They want to lower the number of days on their tickets, but DH and I want to keep ours at 7 days. Is there a way I can change on MDE, or do I need to call Disney? We have not made our final payment yet. TIA!

You will definitely have to call Disney. I’m not sure you can have a package with different people having different number of days - at least in the past, everybody had to start with the same number of days. Last trip, I got everyone 2 days (required for free dining), then added extra days at DTD for myself and DW, as the kids had enough days left from previous tickets. I added days BEFORE I started using the tickets.

But it’s worth a call!

Thanks for your help! I will call Disney! I have learned my lesson… from now on I will only book for myself and DH and let everyone else make their own reservations :smile:

If they have a separate room/package, it shouldn’t be a problem, but if you’re sharing a room it might be. It’s worth a check.