Park Strategy

Hey! I’m looking for expert touring advice. I’ve been to Disney twice, but this is basically my first time, considering last time was about 15 years ago and first time was in the '80’s! :blush: We are going in early November. Here’s a plan right now; we are staying on-site.

Day 1) Arrive
Day 2) MK
Day 3) Water Park
Day 4) AK
Day 5) HS
Day 6) MK
Day 7) Depart

With that order, do you think I have a good chance of getting FP for FOP and SLD or TSMM? I don’t know if I have it in me to RD HS. We could do a late start and close with TSL. It all depends on what FP we can get. I can’t decide if we should flip AK and HS or keep as is. TIA

will you have parkhoppers?
No epcot?

No, no park hoppers. I’m not feeling Epcot. Don’t hate me.

From what I’ve read on other threads, the later you can schedule AK, the better chance you will have of getting FP for FOP. I actually moved our AK day to the back end of our trip so hopefully, we will get the FP times we want.

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So is the thought that FOP is going to be harder to get than SDD? Hmm…ok, I’ll flip them and have HS on Day 4 and AK on Day 5.

Ugh, they should have FP’s first and then ADRs! :slight_smile:

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I can’t imagine that FOP would be harder to get than SDD when SDD is brand new. I don’t think you should switch. but have you considered going to a park for a few hours on your water park day? That would give you 3 extra FPPs, and 5-day tickets don’t cost much more than 4-day.

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I guess it could come down to which FP is most important to you FOP or SDD. For us, we really want to experience FOP so, that’s why I modified our days. SDD is just another coaster, which is crazy for me to say because I love coasters. I just think FOP is going to be an incredible experience.

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I do think FOP is still going to be harder to get because it is really the only tier 1 ride in AK – not very many people are trying to get the River ride.

HS will have 3 appealing Tier 1 rides. While I do think Slinky will be the big draw, I have seen almost an equal amount planning to pick Aliens, and then there are still a few people who think the new rides are not all that special and will go with TSM.


Or they are like me with kids who can’t ride the new ones!


A major point, but often unconsidered in planning, is your arrival and departure times and method of travel.

You could always make ADRs for Day 4&5 in both HS and AK. Have a plan 1 and a plan 2 with those two days and then see what’s available for FP when your 60+whatever hits. I don’t think you’ll have a problem getting a FoP at 60+3…it might not be first thing in the morning, but I think they’re available. And HS will have all TSL rides in tier 1 so surely you could get one of them at 60+4. Anyways, making two plans for those two days and then seeing what’s available might be easier than trying to decide right now!

I’m a coaster fan too, so that’s why this is hard. I did watch some youtube videos last night. FOP looks unbelievable and compares nothing to another coaster. I will definitely put AK after HS. Fingers crossed for FP for both rides though!


You make a very good point. I plan to try to get SDD first and if that doesn’t work then TSSM. I won’t be able to ride ASS so that is last priority.

I wish. Our travel days are full days unfortunately.

Awesome idea. I’m not a fan of booking reservations like that, but at least it’s not for a super popular restaurant. I’m fine with a FP to FOP anytime of the day. There’s plenty to do in AK to fill the day. We also want to see Pandora at night. I think I’ll go with your plan. Thanks for your advice!

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Depending on when in November you are going, you might NOT want to do the Water Park. Average temps are a bit erratic, and you might find it not really warm enough to do. Have you considered NOT doing the water park and instead do Epcot?

Of course, if you’re a huge water park fan, okay. But we’d always pick Epcot over a water park, even if it were 90 degrees. :slight_smile: YMMV

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We are going the first week. I’m 99% sure the kids would prefer water park to Epcot. I’m not going to buy the WP ticket until I see the weather for that week though. If it doesn’t work out, I guess I could add Epcot. We would only be interested in Soarin and Test Track though. Neither my husband or I can ride Mission Space so that’s why I’m leaving this out until the kids are teens and can ride things on their own.

Understood. Everyone is different. For us, if we are going a 5 day trip, MK gets the second day. But if we do a 6 day trip (which is more often the case) both MK AND Epcot get a second day. We find one day at Epcot isn’t enough, DESPITE its shortcomings. But to do NO days at Epcot? :open_mouth:

Of course, the last time we did a water park was at King’s Island about 6 years ago…and that was because it was free. Before that, my wife and I did Typhoon Lagoon on our honeymoon (22+ years ago) and she got injured. And when I was nine, I almost drown at Wet ‘n’ Wild in Orlando (long story short, I got trapped by the suction created from a water fall effect at the bottom of an inner tube slide for almost 30 minutes. Exhausted, I didn’t think I could stay afloat much longer before some stranger noticed me and pulled me out.)

I’m so sorry. That must have been so scary! Now I think I’m going to add another park day and go to Epcot instead of a water park. Hmmm… I’ll have to get some input from the kids. What else do you love about Epcot?

We love the atmosphere, first and foremost. Spaceship Earth, Living with the Land, Soarin’, Mission Space, Test Track, Universe of Energy (R.I.P.), Frozen Ever After. To a lesser degree, we also like The Seas and whatever happens to be the 3D movie they are showing (Captain E.O., Honey I Shrunk the Audience, etc). (Journey Into Imagination is horrible…but if you have young kids, they might like it.)

From the countries, I loved seeing China (the circlevision movie) and Mexico both as a kid and as an adult. Just wandering the World Showcase is fun, and the Agent P adventure our kids really liked doing (including the DS8, DD 13, DS14, and DS16, not to mention shhh me). Last visit, though, we didn’t make it all the way around the countries because of the Food and Wine festival, so we left early to avoid the growing crowds.

You can do it in a day. But as I said, if we add a second day to anything other than MK, it has been Epcot. For others, it might be AK for that second day.

Anyhow, I don’t mean to downplay the water park if that’s your thing. Just expressing our love of Epcot. There is so much to love at Disney, though.