Park scheduling advice, November 2020

Have a 4-day trip planned mid-November (8-11). We will visit each of the 4 parks, Sunday-Wed. I currently have it planned as Epcot, MK, DHS, and AK. I keep thinking I need to move Epcot to a weekday, to help increase the likelihood of lower crowds. I need to keep AK as the last day because of the early closing time (we fly out that night). Otherwise, I am happy to switch days around for the other three.

My main question for all you experts: which park would you do on the Sunday, which I think would probably be the busiest day crowd-wise?

I was just there a couple of weeks ago on a weekend, so I experienced the high-ish crowds with limited attractions. I want to mitigate as best I can. The uncertainty is killing all of us! Thanks for any advice or tips.


As you mentioned, there’s not much to do at Epcot right now so everything has an hour+ wait. This is confirmed by people I know who went last Saturday.

This included just getting a drink or snack. They really had an awful time & didn’t even ride anything as all the rides were 85+ minutes. (except LwtL with was still about 60 minutes)

MK is traditionally a pretty busy park on Mondays. People come into to WDW on Sunday & MK is the way they want to start their visit.

Just my advice, but I’d go in this order - AK, EP, DHS, MK … or AK, EP, MK, DHS - It just, IMHO, depends on if you don’t mind waiting to do MK last. (It’s my favorite park, so I know waiting would be tough for me too!)

General consensus seems to be that HS is at or near capacity every day anyways so you should go there on the weekends. I would avoid Epcot on weekends if possible.

holy moly. That’s a hard pass for me!