Park Savers

Has anyone used the Park Savers site to buy tickets? Is it legit? Can you link them to your my Disney experience?

I’ve heard that one mentioned here before.

Beware, though, if they are selling tickets now. I would be extremely cautious about whether those are currently usable.

If for future, then they have been good in the past. Users here have reported no trouble and good service.


I bought through Park Savers a couple years ago. Linked right to MDE, had no problems. But with all the uncertainty lately, I would consider buying direct in case another curve ball is thrown.


My current park tickets starting 7/17 were purchased through Park Savers with no issue whatsoever. They are the cheapest place to buy them. I agree with bebe80 though. Buy them direct from Disney. They will be about $80 more but it is worth it. Disney has shown that they will do the right thing by the customer if there is a second closing. It’s worth it.

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