Park reservations sold out but low crowd estimate?

I’m not sure all tour staff were called back yet. Unless they were and are being deployed elsewhere.

And not all CMs had the right to be recalled, which is why they then had to recruit and offer signing bonuses. Which still haven’t resulted in enough people to fill roles like housekeeping and food & beverage.

I think Disney also overestimated how many CMs would accept a recall IIRC.

I don’t know about other tours, but interestingly, in HS on 11/18, we saw a group of about 10 plaids-in-training being led around the park. I know they were, because the leader came up the podium at SciFi while I was waiting on an answer about something from the host, and told the other CM there that that’s who they were, and he wanted to take them inside to tour. I wonder if they’re focusing on increasing VIP tour capacity over re-opening other tour types?

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I know the tram drivers were called back a long time ago. People went back to other roles.


And just like that, all of the parks that were showing sold out have availability again. That’s about as much of a confirmation that Disney is holding back capacity as you can get.

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We are here now and have seen at least one plaid every day, if not more. So no they have not had an issue with them.

Sci Fi had open cars when we were there yesterday, but were filling in walk up tables. (By the way there were a lot of upset walk ups yesterday who had it explained to them that the restaurant is booked up at 60 days.).

Trex was filled to capacity on Saturday. I know it’s not actually Disney, but a lot of people eat there. I would say we had our best food so far there, as well as the best server, although the server at Sci Fi was very friendly and helpful as well.

I would not call crowds low this week so far. There are more people here than during our May and September trips pre pandemic. But we are doing everything we want, some times more than once, so far.