Park Reservations Recs - BCV VGF Split Stay

Hello - I might be overthinking the park reservations. Looking for opinions on which parks to attend during our split stay trip to WDW. I have two boys, ages 10 & 6. They love Star Wars and I’m not sure if we should spend two days in HS and two days in MK. I also don’t know if we should do 5 days, 6 days, or 5 day park hopper. These evening hours are throwing me off as well. I feel stuck and would like to plan my ADR’s. Thanks in advance. It’s been a while–hope I’m doing this right!

Jan 28 Sat - Arrival
Jan 29 Sun - Beach Club - Hollywood Studios?
Jan 30 Mon - Beach Club - (EPCOT deluxe evening hours)
Jan 31 Tues - Beach Club - Rest at Stormalong Bay?
Feb 1 Wed - Beach Club/Grand Floridian - (Magic Kingdom deluxe evening hours)
Feb 2 Thurs - Grand Floridian - Animal Kingdom?
Feb 3 Fri - Grand Floridian
Feb 4 Sat - Grand Floridian - Magic Kingdom?
Feb 5 Sun - Departure

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That looks good to me.

We never really hop. And we don’t feel like we miss out by it (unless we are with other people who can… but that’s rarely a thing and is planned for).

Definitely do the extended evening hours as listed here.

I do think you need more HS hours - maybe half a day on 1/31?

Staying at the Beach Club I would get hoppers. That way you can do Epcot late afternoons / evenings and leave the time for 2 days at DHS.

Having 2 days at DHS gives you more opportunity to re-do favourite rides but also in case you miss something the first day.

Reservations for MK and DHS will go first, if they are going to sell out. Whereas if you decide you don’t need to go to DHS again you can always switch the reservation to Epcot.

The only issue then is that you might have 2 consecutive days at DHS. I came up with 2 options:

  1. Make day 2 an MK day, and your switch over day the 2nd DHS day. Easy to rope drop DHS that day and then you can move to GF and head into MK for the evening.

  2. Make day 2 the AK day, since that’s a bus ride whenever you go. And then make your 2nd MK day where you currently have AK. That would be backloading MK. (My only slight niggle with that is that I like to do one MK day near the start of my trip).

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Love your plan. We just did a BC/ WL split.

I wish I had a day to just let the kids hang at the storm along bay - they loved it! So keep that!

Park hoppers made us go go, but it is nice being so close to Epcot— seriously 5 minute walk.
We did go to MK our first afternoon then When we switched it was all MK besides our transfer day we did AK after a late breakfast at Cape May.

I’ve never park hopped, so I’m not sure if we would actually do it. I keep thinking that I need to do EPCOT and HS while we’re at Beach Club and MK at GF for the monorail, but maybe it doesn’t matter so much.

Seems like Frogs crowd calendar is different than Touring Plans. It says not to go to HS on Sunday, but TP says Sunday is fine. Should we avoid HS on the weekend?

Didn’t think about rope-dropping HS on Wed. That should be a “lower crowd” day at HS, so might be a good idea! Again, I’d need the park hopper. I can’t believe the 5 day park hopper is more expensive than 6 days.

A good touring plan generally over-rides the crowd levels.

Apart from anything else, on a projected low crowd level day, Disney have a habit of running at reduced levels. So perhaps only one side of ToT will be operating, or fewer Falcons or Star Tours shuttles.

I think I am going to add the half day at HS 2/3 and just get the 6 day no hop tickets, which are cheaper and allows for slower pace. We can sleep in for EPCOT day. I’ll do AK Fri and last day at MK on Sat. I’m also going to stop over-analyzing the crowd levels! Thank you everyone.