Park Reservations - Now Showing Open to Close

After hearing some chatter on a Facebook group about an MDE app update that messed up people’s park reservations, I checked mine to make sure they were all there. They were correct, but noticed the formatting is different and now it shows the park name with Open to Close after the reservation. Looks like they may be planning to roll out reservations for park hopping in the near future, maybe to coincide with improvements to Genie+ reservations for your 2nd park? Either way, since I am planning to park hop, I could not at this time change park reservations to a half day and make another park reservation for the evening.

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Interesting. When is your trip?


The formatting on these has been very inconsistent. At one point they showed that APs had a real wonky time frame.

Mine right now don’t have any time associated with them. Just that I have a pass. This is true on both MDE and the website view.

I don’t think the formatting means anything at all.


I also noticed yesterday that to change my park reservations, I have to do each person individually rather than as a group. When I changed them a week or so ago, it was done as a group.

Yes most people did see their group split into singles for whatever silly reason. That resulted from the change that now allows modify vs having to cancel to switch park pass reservations to another park

Ahh yes, I was able to change instead of cancel and rebook. Wonder if they’re doing that to curb the fear of losing out any availability if you cancel and magically all spaces at your desired park dry up.

There’s were two systems for park reservations - the one for tickets and Resort guests, which was a system modified from the old FP+ code and built quickly in spring of 2020 to allow the parks to open during the pandemic.

The second system was built from scratch for AP holders. Brand new, shiny code. This is why AP holders have been able to modify reservations, and non-AP holders have been able to cancel and rebook.

This week’s update was to move tickets and Resort reservations from the old FP+ based system to the new AP built system, so everything is now on a single system going forward.

Being a software engineer myself, I can see the splitting of parties being a result of how they had to migrate the data from the old system to the new. Probably was the easier way. But if I were their manager I would have pushed for them to do it right even if it took longer.