Park Reservations for 1st week of april

Got a friend at work who is looking to surprise her kids with a trip for the first week of April, but she didn’t buy tickets yet because her family members (Florida residents) said they’ll get them for her when she gets there.

buuuut looking at the availability, only Epcot has any space left pretty much all week. And HS is right out.

What advice do I give other than “womp womp?”

This is so unfortunate! Not sure what other advice you CAN give unless she wants to change from a Disney trip to a Universal or SeaWorld, etc. trip. There might be SOME hope that people have over-booked those days and reservations might become available week of…but that seems risky!

That’s unfortunate. If they really want to go they could always try getting a reservation day of. Seems like sometimes spots open up. But if it were me I’d choose a different week, buy tickets in advance, and / or do a Universal / Seaworld / Legoland / whatever trip instead.

Unfortunately rescheduling isn’t possible cause the Disney part was to be attached to something else.

and yeah, the “go buy the tickets and run the gamble on whether you can get in or not” advice sounds worse than “womp womp” hahah

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Womp womp it is! Lol

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Booking Epcot every day and hoping to hop is about all I can think of, maybe also make some later ADR’s at parks they would hop to, just in case that makes a tiny difference with the right CM’s at the time (almost certainly won’t, and then they’d have to know the trick to modify to a later date before cancelling). And no chance at RotR that way either. Would have to watch park availability like a hawk to snag them if anyone cancels their trip or Disney reallocates in some way. In short, womp womp.


I agree with @Tall_Paul1 advice to book Epcot and plan to hop if they are already set on those dates. Availability for APs is still wide open all of April so maybe they will reallocate again, keep watching closely. But if possible I’d advise to plan for later dates. Not only are park reservations getting full but ADRs are near impossible at this point for that week. It’s going to be a really busy time there.

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